Instagram feed on RW site

I have a few stacks for adding an instagram feed to my site.
I havnt used them for years. Is there a prefereable stack out therte for adding instagram images in a feed?

Anyone!? Or is there another way to add instagram feed to website?

There a Instagram stack IG connect from 1LD… only drawback is that you have to update it regularly to comply with the Instagram rules…

Thanks Avzw. Yes I have that one. I’d love to avoid the updates if possible. Maybe its best not to do a feed at all

Less and less sites have a feed from a Social Media site.

The issue has been that Facebook, Instagram, etc., have changed their rules, conditions and how they make their service available over time, so that these services can stop working at any time.

If it’s your own feed you’d be far better loading the original content on your site then using a service like IFTTT to post it to a social media site. At least that way you always have control of the content.

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Yes. Thanks everyone … I think best not to do the feed as will only cause problems

You could always use a third party service like this - Best Instagram Feed Plugin for Website - InstaShow for Free. There’s a free version of the Instagram feed which is limited but does work.

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Thanks Rob. That is PERFECT!