International E-commerce with Ecwid or other

Has anyone experience in making international e-commerce site with Ecwid ?
I know it is possible to ad languages to Ecwid and have it detect the browser to change the language and even have special translated confirmation emails to customers after checkout.

I´m in the making of a small site with a maximum of about 40 products.
Every E/commerce platform I have run in to is really expensive monthly fees. Ecwid is ok. For my small amount of products it is overkill.

I will use either RWML or Agent stack to handle the language on the RW/Stacks site. The Ecwid automatic language detection is only handling the checkout and some products translations.
I will use subdomain for each language to upload the site to.

The problem here is how to handle the currency. According to Ecwid the currency don´t change along with the language. There are apps to use with ecwid that handles that but trying to avoid extra apps. I use the embed option of Ecwid products and have not got an answer from Ecwid yet if it´s possible.

How have you guys handled the currency?

Or are anybody aware of another solution that I can combine with Stacks.
I like the backend of Ecwid were I can have everything organised with orders, cutomers, shipping etc.
I was thinking of adding a Stripe stack like Paysnap to the specific page subdomain and set that currency for that country and language.

I use Source or Foundry3.

/ Henrik

The good news is that Paypal and other payments providers will allow you to customise them to allow customers to pay in their local currency (and Paypal will even let you set up different accounts in different currencies). The not so good news is that you’ll have to work out how to display the price on your website in the user’s local currency.

If this were just a matter of adjusting currency to language, it would be relatively easy using Agent or even the CSS :lang () pseudo-class. The problem, though, is that currencies don’t correlate with languages. For instance, there can be multiple countries with the same language but different currencies (e.g. US, UK, Eire, Canada, Australia etc.) There can also be countries with one currency but multiple languages. And, to make it even more complex, countries with multiple languages (e.g. Switzerland) where those languages are also used by neighbours.

What you will need to do is to extract the user’s country information from their IP address. There are various solutions for this (which devs claim are ‘relatively simple’) but I don’t know of any stack that will do this for you. Someone clever with PHP might be able to put something together to work with Agent IF. But this is one of those projects that looks like it will become a journey.