Is it possible to run different themes on different pages?

I need a site with a blog. I already have Alloy which requires Foundry. However I’d like to build the rest of the site in Source as I find it better for my needs.

Is there any way to get this to work? Is there another blog that would run in Source? I’d rather not use Poster as it’s too much setup for my liking.

There are plenty of Source and Poster related demo projects available.

Yes, you are able to use a different theme on each page.

Thank you @Jannis .

Does that also apply to Frameworks? Can I have one page using Foundry and another using Source?

Yes you can.

Thank you.

I realise that this is not as straight forward as I thought, so in case anyone else wants to know how to do this you can change the theme per page as follows.

First, Set you main theme for the project. Then:

  1. Go to the page where you want a different theme and click on the style tab in the inspector.
  2. uncheck “Use Master Style”
  3. Choose your Page-Specific Theme.

Then you should be good to go!


Yes this works.

I look after a huge site (100’s of pages) that was originally created in Foundry 2. I create all new content pages with just Source and it works perfectly and the Source pages load noticable quicker.

I also replaced every footer with a Source Partial footer using the Source Grid Enabler stack and this also works on every page. I.e. the Foundry 2 pages have a footer partial created using Source grid, image and text stacks. The theme remains Foundry 2 on these pages but the Source Grid Enble allows the Source footer to work inside these Foundry pages.

Thanks @Webdeersign

Does the site also run a blog?

Poster2 is used in a Blog type role for displaying, searching, etc., 100’s of members - all Source.


If you want an ultra simple to set up blog, then have a look at the free Microblog stack - MicroBlog | Stacks4Stacks

Thanks @rob.beattie . I don’t really want to use another service like tumblr.

I’ve got Source and Poster 2 working together. It was not a complex as I thought it would be.

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