Is Nimblehost still Active?

Does anyone know if @NimbleHost is still active. He isn’t answering emails or responding here. I’m concerned because I’m just about to embark on a new project making extensive use of the Armadillo stacks

I think you’ve answered your own question. At times Nimblehost has been on these forums and replied to a problem that a user is having. If I remember correctly he stated something akin to there were work stresses (non RW) and perhaps family stresses (probably normal stuff) that demanded his full time attention. He’s never said he would not continue to work on Armadillo, but when progress might be made is hard to predict.

If I had a new project that would make “extensive” use of Armadillo then I would suggest looking for an alternative. It’s that simple. Armadillo is a wonderful product … and maybe we’ll hear from him soon that updates/development are definitely coming. But I wouldn’t “count” on that. In addition, a confusing factor for many developers is the state of RW and Stacks. Some will only support one, others will support both. And what it really means for adjusting your product … they don’t fully know yet. So I have to imagine some developers are waiting until more info is clear. It’s definitely not a great time to start being a developer in this arena.

@mitchellm thanks for your reply. As you say it would probably be prudent to use a different solution. I have Poster 2 but have yet to try it, so this would be a good time to test it. I have a number of Jannis’s stacks which are excellent, and his support is second to none.

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I believe you have made the correct decision. :-)


Yes, and he has something awesome in store for us, when Stacks App arrives.


@Kent Do you have inside information?

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Yes, @Pixelart, still active. Apologies for the delay in responding. I’m a very private person by nature, but I will say there have been some medical complications requiring daily multi-hour treatments across a few months that, needless to say, impact my ability to respond to support question in a timely manner. Thanks for your patience - I understand how frustrating it can be to reach out for help and not get an answer quickly.

@mitchellm makes a good point regarding the state of affairs with RW and Stacks. I don’t want to leave users in a lurch, but we will have to make a decision on that soon, and the RW side has not handled things well. More on that as we know more ourselves.


Poster 2 is an awesome stack