Is Stacks Pro a released product?

I’m hearing so much that Stacks Pro is the way to go as an alternative to RW?? I’d like to try it out - is it released??? Can’t really find it, just mentions of it. But I found a reference to Bento for Stacks Pro dated Feb 15 2024 - so I’m guessing it is out there somewhere??
Thank you

Not yet… There may be some information released this week.

Attendees of Joe Workman’s Stacks Summit this weekend got an early beta version of the Stacks Pro app. It’s early days but now developers have access to the API and can have a look around. For us mortals we can have a play with the interface. It’s a little way off general release, but it’s an exciting time 👍


@Ruyton From your description does it seems likely this will be a 2025 release, not 2024. (Both companies were wildly off in terms of how long they thought it would take them.)

I don’t mind a 2025 release for my own use. But it would seem to make things “trickier” for developers.

Definitely dont think this will be a 2025 release. Its pretty far along, and extremely fast and powerful.


Do you know if it has a wysiwyg interface or is it still the very dual edit/preview?

Still edit/preview, as this initial release should be all about having a new native home to use stacks. All stacks will work in it. So the transition will be pretty seamless for a stacks user.


We are so back 😄


Where can we play with the interface or is it only for those who attended the stacks summit? Any screen shots available?

@isaiah posted some info about the current beta on his Discord channel.


From Isaiah on Discord:

Hey folks,

I posted an early beta build, primarily for theme/stack developers to get their feet wet with the new theme API.

Other than rendering the theme API and exporting pages, there is not much useful to do with it at the moment. So this is really just for the most adventurous folks that are self directed and don’t mind digging around to find the examples.

Pretty much everything else is locked down, disabled, or hidden – this just cuts down on crashing for those that need to use it to get themes ready.

I posted this for folks at the Stacks conference last weekend and I’ll post the next build here.

However, it will be light on documentation and heavy on bugs for a little while – so if you’re just looking to get some real work done, please stick to the Stacks Plugin for the time being.

That said, I did manage to do a couple longish demos for folks with not too many crashes – so it does have some parts that are working nicely.

If you’re a developer and want to see my little intro talk about this build, <@419970091258740746> probably has a link that he can share with you.

If you download and it’s not working, or not what you expected, please hang tight – more will get enabled, more will get fixed, and… just a lot more… is coming soon.

I’m happy to get bug reports (please send a private message here) but hold questions and requests for assistance until the beta is further along and I have a bit more time. Thx.


Thank you for posting that here - I already am subscribed to I think 5 RW/Stacks forums, hard enough keeping up to date with those… :)