Is there a problem with Total CMS?

Is anyone else having problems with their Total CMS websites? All of a sudden, my clients can’t edit their websites anymore. When they try to make a change, they get a red X and it says that there is a passport check error.

These websites have been using Total CMS for several years…why is there a problem with the license all of a sudden??

I went to the admin core stacks and tried to re-register, but then I got this error message:

I’ve tested a number of Total CMS websites and they are ALL having the same problem. Does anyone know what’s going on???


I see the same issue on two of my TCMS sites so maybe it’s the password check on Joe’s server. I’ve flagged it up but we might have to wait until the West Coast wakes up. seems to be hacked. So i guess it had something to do with that. I guess that Total CMS can’t verify it’s licence. is fine for me, not hacked. It will just be a server licence verification issue so no need to panic.

It’s hacked for me, and the site 😕
@Ruyton does it work for you in another browser?

No, it’s down 🙁

Yes, I agree with all above, I was seeing WS in the Safari cache. It is down for me too. We will have to wait for Joe to wake up had a downtime because of a relaunch

Everything back to normal, both sites and the TCMS licensing system working again! :-)

Yes, looks like it’s been fixed now! :)

Needs investigation to find the root cause. Too many people rely on these services (particularly TCMS) for it to be allowed to happen again. I’m sure @joeworkman is all over it.

Here is a summary for those that care to know what happened.


So sorry this happened to you, Joe! Thanks for getting things up and running so quickly!! :)

Textbook Incident and Problem Management. Glad you got it sorted.

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Does TCMS therefore, break GDPR compliance by phoning home to check the license?

It’s most probably a server side call without using the client IP address of the logged in user.

So, no.


I’m still having the issue with Easy CMS.
Some sites work, some don’t. And I didn’t do anything…
Really weird