Is there a Stack for Reviews or Ratings?

@TemplateRepo Have you implemented this script in a RW w. Stacks page?
Was it easy? How about matching the theme?

Since this opened again, @Scott_Williams of StacksAppStacks has a Review/Ratings stack too now.


My sites use Armadillo and Disqus to accomplish this.

I have an Armadillo. Please inform me of the process so that I can implement it on my websites too.

You have to create a Disqus Account if you don’t already have one. Go into the settings in Armadillo in the web and I believe it’s located in the blog settings. Add your Disqus Account info there. The comments and like buttons will automatically show up in your armadillo posts.

I’ve already tried implementing that on my blog, but it didn’t meet my expectations. What I really need is to showcase testimonials on my page and provide a user-friendly way for visitors to leave their own testimonials as well.

StacksReviews works perfectly together with Poster 2, im working on a documentation therefore.

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I’m still working on finding a solution for this. The process should involve a simple ‘leave your review here’ feature, allowing visitors to click on the stars and leave a comment. After that, I should have access to the database or my approval area, where I can select the reviews I want to be displayed on the website.

I am using BackSnap from @yabdab on this site
it creates its own database und you can manually delete or edit every comment.
I am not sure if it is still available and supported but on this website it is working for several years.
You could also use FormSnap to save the comments into a google sheet and then display these entrys via “Feeds” from @joeworkman on your website

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Backsnap is no longer available, BUT there are plans to bring it back ( better than ever ) later this year. 😉


Please, I beg you. Can I pre order?

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