Is your website built with a Theme or a Framework?

Last week we asked how many sites have you created with RapidWeaver? The highest number of sites created was a mind-blowing 350! Results from last weeks poll are below.

This week we want to know is your website built with a Theme or a Framework?

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I’m having a déjà vu, so I just quote @ajenks:


Please stop trying to stir up trouble.

Everyone that runs this forum is welcome to post on the RapidWeaver Community, in fact EVERYONE in the RapidWeaver Community is welcome to post, they just need to follow the guidelines. Simple as that.

Let’s try and keep things on topic, these questions are just meant to be a bit of fun to bring the RapidWeaver Community together.


Couple of new posts from @RapidWeaver seem to suggest that they finally realized that it is bad for them to piss off a large group of users. That’s why they try to mend relations with this forum. Let them do it (with caution, though). Maybe some good will come out of this situation, eventually…


The results for this poll are now up (along with a new question):

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