Just for fun


I think you spelt Stacks Pro wrong on the front 😂


Yes Jeso, I don’t know what I was thinking about 😂


Haha this is awesome. MidJourney?

Now we are talking!!!

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Love the RapidWeaver Camper Van 🥰

Here’s another AI created image for the app we’re working on now 😁

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Well, I’m pretty sure I saw those rims on someone else’s car…


A lot of cars have similar looking rims, but I can assure you these are brand new!

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Looks like your windshield wipers are broken.
By the way, wouldn’t you be better spending your time on your app instead of fooling around with Midjourney or will this be part of a new “feature”, like a pop up that says Vrooom and a button that say “beep”. I’m sure it’ll be a huge hit, definitely worth the subscription fee. 😜

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Hej @Konfuzzious this is hilarious “Looks like your windshield wipers are broken.” 😂
Very soon:
Showing Rapidweaver the rear wheel 😂


BTW you can now ditch Midjourney, all the images I have posted here are made with DALL•E 3, including texts if you have a paid subscription. For those not having a paid subscription, it is still available in Bing Chat for free.

RapidWeaver Elements is moving along at a very fast pace. We post new videos every week showing off what we’ve been working. The amount of innovative features we’ve added is truly mind blowing, and the feedback so far has been off the charts. We’re rapidly working our way towards a public beta (for club members).

While RapidWeaver Classic and Stacks was a great combo, RapidWeaver Elements is definitely the app our users are most excited about.

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