Killer tool for removing backgrounds

I came across a great tool today for removing backgrounds. Although I can get pretty much the same results in Photoshop CC, this tool is great - especially for those of you who might not have Ps. The cost is $1.99 per image, and, no, the link is not a referral link. I just figured it might help a few people out.


Dave, thanks for sharing 😁

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Real time-saver, Dave — nice share!

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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Good link and good results from tests but I suggest you read the ‘Terms of Service’ especially 2.1

Nice, thanks for sharing.

And anyone interested in having a really good Photoshop alternative, I suggest you check out either Flying Meat’s Acorn, or Affinity Photo - both super powerful Mac options that are a fraction of the price of PS (and not subscription based.) Affinity also has an Illustrator alternative as well.

I love Designer, and would switch to Affinity Photo in a second (I’ve already bought it), if/when they come up with a content aware feature. And, I’ve (thankfully) switched from InDesign to Publisher. Having created well over 100 marketing materials with it over the past six months or so, without the first issue, it’s finally out of beta. Cost? A ridiculously low $50.00 compared to an annual subscription of $240 for InDesign.

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I wonder how they police that?

I purchased Affinity Photo some time ago and it’s a very capable app.
My problem is that I’ve been using Photoshop since its beta version and have been using it for so long that I’ve become set in my ways.
Something that I can achieve with four keystrokes in PS takes me an age to carry out with AP — or I have to capitulate because ‘Ooops!’ that’s just not possible.
I’ve not tried Publisher yet because, as a one-time employee of Adobe, I was associated with the development of InDesign and (see above). The only thing I can say about Publisher is that it most certainly can’t be any worse than the final version of PageMaker!

Professional courtesy?

As a long time (but still fairly novice) user of InDesign- I’ll say that I LOVE Publisher. It does everything that I need it to do (mainly advanced flyers and physician referral forms)- and is a joy to use. On the other hand, I just can’t let go of Ps- I’m with you, I know it too well (plus, I use Content award fill and/or move all the time).