Lazy Loading Options in RW?

So the title says it all.

Having run different versions of sites through various performance tools one that comes up a good few times is deferring images, or lazy loading.

Any ideas how this can be achieved in RW?

I noticed that Platform supports it via a Lazy Loading stack, even including the option of a LQIP image. Google seem to be adding native support for it in Chrome via an html tag.

Are there other RW stacks that support it? Is it really that big a thing? or is it all just performance tools being picky and there isn’t much of a real world impact?

Thanks, Paul

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Moving Box and Limelight both have lazy load options.

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Thanks Adrian, I did remember about Limelight and lazy loading on the Hotel demo after posting.

I should have been clearer and said I’m more curious about regular image stacks, rather than sliders/lightboxes. So if you have a page with a good few images peppered around it, does lazy loading help?