Lighthouse ( PageSpeed Insights) is now integrated directly into Chrome

This happened back in the summer, but may be of use for those wanting to access the Performance, Accesability, SEO & Best practice tools from within the Chrome Browser itself. It also checks the PWA Manifest if you have a PWA installation.

There is now no need to add an additional extension, as it is built into the latest Chrome. To access it enter DevTools by using Cmd - Option-i and look for the tab titled Lighthouse.

The default settings don’t need changing to generate a mobile report, and you can also generate a desktop report by selecting the +in the top left of the DevTools window, to add a new desktop report, and selecting desktop.


Hold on - last week you were telling me not to use this!

Lighthouse has been in Chrome since 2019!

Ha. I am just trying to bring some clarity to how best to check and test what we build.

Google can be surprisingly poor at guiding users to their own products and how they label them and mix features between services.

One other thing to note using the Chrome Lighthouse report, is that it generates a report that includes a PWA report, whether you have a PWA page or not. This feature does provide useful information, about the manifest page if you have a PWA site, but it you don’t have a manifest page, i.e. you don’t have a PWA site, then the PWA “errors” can be completely ignored.