Limelight iFrame

Hi @tav, another iFrame thats not showing content.
The page in question is :
And the link is an Instagram.png at the bottom.
This is the error code

Is there something I can do?

Absolutely nothing you Can do. Instagram has expressly forbidden iFrame use of that page.

okay, thanx andrew.

Have a look at this:
It will knock you up a script to display your IG images on a page, I’m using it at the bottom of this page: … rescale your browser to see it change the column/image count
It’s ‘sorta’ free but you’ll need to pay $10 to have it work on a https site and gain some extra features.

No idea if it’ll work in LL but theoretically there’s no reason it wouldn’t.

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Thank Paul, I took the easy route and just linked it to Insta…