Limelight inside Pop Drop Problems

This is probably an arcane use, but I have a kind of nested tabs set up with 3 launcher images that each launch a different pop drop instance. In one of the pop drops, I have 2 launcher images that open different limelights inside a Sections Pro section. It all almost works perfectly, except for when I click on the unselected limelight launcher image, it closes the Pop Drop. It does launch the other limelight, which I can see when I relaunch the pop drop, but I need the pop drop to stay open while the user selects and reads different limelights.
I’ve kept the ID’s all unique, so I can’t really understand why this is happening.

  • Launch Attribute Name: popDropScene
  • Launch Attribute Name: popDropDossier
  •  Launch ID: interviews1
  •  Launch ID: inventory1
  • Launch Attribute Name: popDropHints

Update - I was unable to get limelight to work inside the pop drop, so I ended up using the Foundation 6 tabs stacks to manage the content inside the pop drop. I had wanted to use Limelight, since it’s so easy to link from an image to the correct content lightbox, but figured out a way to use images in my tabs in JW’s tab stack, so was able to accomplish what I want that way.

Sorry, been offline for the holidays.

I think your solution is probably the best, you could make tabs with limelight itself and then nested limelights would work but given that you are using F6 then using them makes sense.