Limelight light boxing videos

Hi @tav, Im lightboxing 4 videos in Limelight . 3 work and 1 only plays audio. However when I paste the url to it into Firefox, it plays perfectly? The other 3 work .Ive replaced Limelight, swapped around links. Other videos will play, but not the one I want…I can’t figure it out.
Its the first on the right halfway down.
3 more fade in just bellow. They all work okay.
Any ideas??
Thank you.

The one on the right half way down plays OK for me - video and audio

Oh, okay, thanx for checking. You opened it in Firefox?
they all work in safari—

Apologies, no it does not work in Firefox BUT neither does it work with the direct link to the video in Firefox - I get exactly the same audio only. This is what I see when I visit the video URL directly, no video, just sound. There must be a problem with the encoding of that video.


Thats really strange, I just tried this link and it plays… in firefox

Am re-encoding it in handbrake. I used Miro before