Limelight: Questions regarding navigation and button rounding

Hi @tav! I have two small issues with Limelight. If you go here… …you see that there are two blue Limelight Bar buttons. I’ve set the rounding to 6px, but rounding is visible. Do you know why? Then, if you click on one of the buttons, you see that the right navigation arrow for navigating between the limelight content is hidden behind the MagicGellan Magic Dots. Is there any way to move the arrows more away from the left and right border of the browser window?

Thanks, Matthias

Regarding the button rounding - it looks like there is a class missing from the generated buttons, I will need to fix that in the stack. I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

Regarding the nav dots, how about we hide them when the limelight is open to avoid conflict with the nav arrows:

.lightbox-open .nav-dots{
    display: none!important;

Thanks @tav. Regarding the nav dots: I simply could turn off “Navigate between content”, right? ;-)

UPDATE: I should read more carefully what you’re writing. Everything fine, the nav dots are hidden when the Limelight opens. Perfect! :-)

I’ve found the problem with the button rounding. The control for round corners should only be visible when the button is set to a style of custom

I will fix that in the next update but in the meantime, could you just change the style to custom and set the colours manually - you will get the round corners then.

Thanks for the workaround, Andrew. Will do so… :-)