Limelight reloads iFrame

I have a rather complex page that I am creating that is using tabs, off canvas panels, flip stacks, and, of course, limelight, to hide and show extra information that the user needs to solve a puzzle. My puzzle is a separate webpage that is displayed in an iFrame, in Limelight.

My problem is that when the user closes limelight and opens it again, the iFrame page loads again, so they lose all their progress on the puzzle if they have to exit the lightbox to gather more information. I got around this in my last game by putting the puzzles in flip stacks, which don 't reload the iFrame page when hidden/shown. But I upped the complexity in this game, and I really need the puzzles to be in a lightbox.

I know it’s a stretch, but is there any way to get an iFrame in Limelight to load only once, when the containing page is loaded or refreshed, but not every time the lightbox is launched?

Not sure f this is something to do with the problem… but it resonates with what I do as I use HTML5 and 3D as interactive elements that are loaded in the same way. I use buttons on the page that operate functionality using a parent child setup with the iFrame/offsite. The file attributes are assigned to the buttons to trigger functions in the iFrame. This is the bit where we may be overlapping. If the buttons don’t have a link assigned then the page and iFrame reloads, so in the link I put two hashtags to make a void link. The page and content then does not reload and the file attribute does the business. I wonder if you have a button or feature that is adding a link somewhere, therefore is reloading? Not sure if this relates to your problem, but may somehow have some sideways relevance.

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Turn on Lazy Preload in the iFrame settings. This will leave the iFrame loaded but just hide the lightbox.


Aargh! So simple! Thanks!

Took several rereadings of your post to try to understand it, but if I’m reading it right, this opens up some awesome opportunities for interactions between the parent page and the page in the iFrame! Forgive my ignorance here, but you are referring to how the url changes on a page when, say, a tab is opened? I would make that state my link? Mind blown! Would love to see any of your pages that utilize this interaction, if you don’t mind sharing a link. Like you said, sideways relevance, but exciting nonetheless!