Limelight update - Open on Page load

Hi Andrew,

with the latest update comes a new feature. Nice.
But now I am not able to open the Limelight everytime on page load.
What is the background for this or do I miss something?


The ON PAGE LOAD selections
ONLY ONCE creates a key in session storage always, this key does not display the lightbox until you restart the browser or close the session.
UNTIL DISMISS creates the same key but only when the closing class of the lightbox is called via a button or the close icon.


(sorry I’m typing fast from the phone … I think I wrote everything).

You can see here how UNTIL DISMISS works,
the lightbox that displays the vector will always remain until the ENTRA button is clicked.

On the other hand, if it was with ONLY ONCE, the vector would have been displayed only once, so it would have been enough to refresh the page, or to change the page and return to the first page that the vector would have disappeared.
So with UNTIL DISMISS there must be the will to close the lightbox otherwise it remains open (always until the end of the section that does not change with the two selections chosen).

Yes, the option is nice, but I need it to be shown on every page load. This is not possible any more.

Oops - sorry, we need an Always option as well. I’ll sort that this evening once I’m back in the house.

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@jochenabitz Sent you a temporary fixed version by DM to sort the problem for now.


Thank you very much! 😃

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand, now it’s already possible.
with UNTIL DISMISS it will be displayed at each on load in each new session.
otherwise it would not make sense for a user to view himself every time you refresh the page, for a user if he refreshes or returns to the page it would only disturb the lightbox (we always talk about on load).
Then it is worthwhile in case you want it to always appear, to put a different type of fixed stack.

Look at it from the perspective of the online site, not inside RW.
Online it will always be displayed when you access the site.
In RW you don’t see it because the session is always the same.