Limelight videos not playing in Edge and IE11?


Two questions regarding the Limelight Bar stack: How can I adjust the spacing between the button rows? Currently I only see the option to adjust the spacing between the buttons itself, but the row spacing is a bit too much…:

And is there some possibility to add an icon or a small image to all buttons or even separate images to single buttons? Just a small icon at the beginning of the button (as you can do it with Button Plus)…


The spacing is just controlled by margins around the buttons. They have equal top and bottom margins of 6px by default - adjust as required

    margin-bottom: 6px!important;

I think you should just use ButtonPlus as your launcher if you want more complicated setups. The Limelight bar was intended to be a very simple button/link list that is auto generated for convenience. Adding all those settings would make it a behemoth and would just replicate the BP2 functionality.


Thanks so much, Tav! :-)