Link to 'content top' disabled after opening light box in Poster 2

I’m at the early stages of developing a site using the Source framework and Poster 2. It’s going reasonably well considering it’s early days for me using Source. However, I have a glitch in respect of an SVG ‘return to top of content’ button. The button works fine on the Poster summary page, and on the detail page. But after opening the lightbox on the detail page the link is disabled. Reloading the page restores it. It seems that the lightbox action in some way changes the page. I also tried a separate Back to Top stack and in this case the back to top button actually disappeared from the page after the lightbox was opened and then closed.

RW 8.9.3
Mac OS 11.6.1
Source 2.4.4
Poster 2 2.4.1


Note this is a site in early development and I’m only showing one sample post for the purposes of checking layout etc.

Any help greatly appreciated.



I guess because of the other JavaScript errors, but I don’t know exactly.


I can’t trigger the issue. Have opened the lightbox gallery but the back to top button continues to work fine afterwards. Maybe you got it fixed @Kilburnlad? Site is looking good by the way!

@Jannis - these errors only seem to happen when Splider is used on a Poster page. Everything works fine so haven’t spent any time looking into what might be going on. I will do when i get a chance though.

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No worries, will be an easy fix 👍

Thank you both for the quick response. Sorry for not getting back sooner but I was on a video call. The fact that @habitualshaker couldn’t trigger the issue caused me to check in Firefox and Chrome - I had been using Safari - and it seems that it doesn’t happen in these other two browsers. It is definitely a problem for me in Safari.


I will check again in safari later on. I only tested in chrome.

Have pushed out an update to Splider now that should get rid of these errors.

I’ll try and take a look at your page in Safari later today.


I’ve had a look. Interesting behavior. I don’t see any error which could cause this.

The link just navigates to #content, which is of course available inside the HTML markup. As it works also in Chrome, I guess some weird behavior of Safari. Nothing I am able to solve.

@Kilburnlad - can you check for Stack updates and then try again with Source v2.4.5?

Also - (unrelated to any issues but) i notice you are using v1.0.0 of the Source theme. Update can be found here.

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Thank you both. Have been out today - fishing - so will check things out a bit later.

Updated Source theme and Source in Stacks to v2.4.5 and that seems to have fixed the problem.
Tested in Safari, Firefox and Chrome on iMac and Safari iOS - all OK.

Thank you again,




The change I made broke smooth scrolling altogether on Safari so I’ve reverted that change (v2.4.6 is out now).

Definitely something odd going on in Safari though after that lightbox has been triggered so will continue to look into it but my advice for now is to remove the Source Smooth Scroll stack from this page - or remove the back to top button in the post detail view.

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I’ve removed Source Smooth Scroll as I would like to keep the back to top feature. When I updated Stacks it actually quoted v2.4.5 for the revert rather than v2.4.6. Thank you for the updated advice.

The blog is looking good Bob - looking forward to seeing the finished article.

One tiny point (I’m a photographer) - try not to use digital zoom on your phone, it will give much better and more detailed images :-)

Thanks for the comment Nick, and for the photography tip.

Most of the photographs in my older posts were taken with a Pentax Optio (3x optical zoom). I’ve been videoing my outings for a little over a year now and very occasionally take stills with the iPhone. That was the case with the the single ‘test’ post that you can see. But I wouldn’t have used optical zoom. I avoid it for the reason you stated. The reduced detail is probably because I resize the images and ‘export for web’ in Pixelmator Pro so as to reduce the loading time. The aim is for a reasonable quality rather than photographic perfection. Bearing in mind many people will view on a tablet or phone rather than a large screen.

The finished article might be a while as I’m currently laboriously transferring years of posts from Poster 1 to Poster 2! A few at a time to keep me sane.

Interesting. I checked out the old blog too. Nicely done.

Copying from Poster 1-2. Hmm, yes, been there! I backed off and just bought the best posts across in the end. Great platform though. I’m really enjoying writing in markdown and uploading via Repository 2. It’s handy being able to edit on phone or tablet too

It’s all a bit déjà vu - a few years ago I transferred the fishing diary from the standard RW blog to Poster 1. With the launch of my ‘Bob Goes Fishing’ YouTube channel I thought it would be better to move the fishing content from my Kilburnlad website to a dedicated domain. Copying and pasting the text isn’t too bad but it’s the image attributes and captions that take the time and which can introduce errors. I don’t really need the facility to edit on tablet or phone, so it’s styled text I’m afraid, which at least simplifies the copy and paste process.