Looking for a gallerystack that supports swiping

Hi everybody,

I’m looking for a gallerystack that supports swiping and works with a silky smooth transition.
Any ideas what stack can do that?

You mean touch support?

I guess both @willwood Pro Gallery and my Gallery Stack support that.


Thanks Jannis for your quick answer.
… and do both of them have the option to display their content full screen?

Mine yes.

In addition to the two @Jannis mentions, there is also the dedicated SwipeGallery stack, which was a former ‘StackManiac’ stack I tookover nad updated in 2016: https://stacks4stacks.com/swipegallery/

I am also in the process of adding swipe support to TopBox, as part of a larger rewrite / update.

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and is it possible to open one slide full screen on page load?
I don’t need the previewgrid in this particular case I’m working on right now.

Not with one of my modules. I don’t think you should open something full screen on page load.

Are you talking about having a lightbox open automatically as the page loads?

Or “full screen” in the sense of the Full Screen API and content breaking outside of the browser window?


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I like it to be open on pageload.

That would only be possible with a lightbox effect, filling the browser window**.

The fullscreen API I showed you requires the end user to click a link or button, before the content goes to the full screen size. Otherwise the user might not understand what is happening or how to escape the full screen again.

** TopBox supports this now. ProGallery or another stack might be able to do it with some custom jQuery code. The trick would be to simulate a ‘click’ on one of the lightbox triggers, to make the lightbox open automatically on page load. This might be something I could help you code.

Hey Will,
thanks for your offer, Will. In the betweentime I had to change my layoutplans (time was the issue) and I created a version without going fullscreen.
… but I was in need of that fullscren functionality a few times before, so it would be great to make that work somehow … sometime …
Have a great weekend.