Looking for a one-page scrolling menu

I am looking for a Foundry 3-compatible menu stack that works along the same line as Magicgellan from @tav (see here) where the menu items change/highlight as you scroll. I think Magicgellan is only Foundation compatible.

I am needing to redo an old site (a one page, scrolling site) that was on Foundation and used Magicgellan and I’d like to use Foundry but the client likes that menu feature so I’m trying to see if I can get something similar.

I’ve got the link/anchor working fine with the Foundry Nav stack. Is Blacksmith able to get the menu formatting to work like Magicgellan?

(Apologies for the cross-posting with the Elixir site)

I have a new stack for special people that is MagicGellan without the Foundation dependency. Email me at the support address if you want.


Perfect, my mom calls me special all the time! Email on the way shortly. Thanks!


PLEASE NOTE: I have been deluged with people asking for a copy of this menu stack.

At the moment, I am unable to support a large beta test group and so there will not be copies available I’m afraid. None of my menu stacks are going to be released until Stacks Pro is in general use.

I am trying to reply to everyone who has emailed me so please be patient and apologies in advance for the canned nature of the response.

In the meantime, if anyone else would like to register an interest please just send an email to the BWD support address with the Subject as “OPM” which is the stack name (One Page Menu) and I’ll make a list.

Thanks for all your interest.


When Foundation is mentioned, does that refer to needing Foundation 6 for RW installed to be able to use another stack product? Or something else?

In the case of MagicGellan, it requires the use of the Foundation 5 framework (which is colloquially know as the Foundation 1 Stacks) and not the newer Foundation 6 framework.

The framework is only used for the smooth scroll and many people have used the stack as a manually curated site menu. This was really from a time when there were not the variety of frameworks available in RW and it was an enhancement of the manual Magellan menu that came in the framework. There was thus no reason to make it work with anything else in those days.

The new version that was linked above is Framework agnostic, or will be when it is released.

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