Looking for a stack like this

On this page, scroll down to the section showing the Average MRI Cost. Does anyone know of a stack that can do something very similar to the Hospital Cost / Outpatient Cost / You Save graphic?

Thanks, Dave

Hey Dave,
maybe: https://www.doobox.co.uk/stacks_store/demos/countup.html

Also 1LD’s Opti Stats





Thanks! I own 1LD’s stack - but it’s not quite what I was hoping for. The three numbers of the original page are linked - so as soon as the left number reaches the end, the next one starts. I can get close to the same effect, but not quite there: https://www.mediapressions.com/draft/

Don’t own either but could 1LD’s Timed Content stack be used in conjunction with the Optic Stats to create the cascade you want to achieve?

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Have you seen Shaking the Habitual’s Grapher stack? I don’t own it, but have been very impressed with his other offerings, and it looks like it has a multitude of tricks built in that might work for you.

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