MacGPT - a free app worth checking out!

A few weeks back I demoed tapping into ChatGPT for use with Stacks/RW using Raycast and a dedicated extension (video available via link above). Since then i have found and been using a different app that makes the whole process even easier…

MacGPT is a completely free and allows you to access chat GPT directly on your mac via a global shortcut, a menubar app and even directly inline (e.g. in stacks text fields or in the likes of RW’s code editor etc!).

Well worth checking out…


The developer of MacGPT — Jordi Bruin — makes several useful apps, including the terrific MacWhisper. Really nice stuff.


Another useful tip if you want to access things directly in RapidWeaver is to add an Offsite page (set as ‘Draft’) and have it point to

The beauty of this is that it is then available directly in Edit mode. i.e.:


Downloaded about an hour ago and have been playing around with it.


Is this an example of simultaneous but independent invention? Or did RW just re-post habitualshaker without attribution?


What is the benefit of using ‘Ai’ in RW? Its purpose or usefulness escapes me. I am probably missing something as these days I prefer whispering to birds and trees, not computers…