MacHeist RW Sale

This was in my inbox

Some people are going to be pissed off… this looks like you are getting Foundation + Total CMS. In fact you are just getting the courses from Realmac.

yep!! Exactly my thoughts

Plus any new user good will RM have earned from new AppStore users will be blown clean out if the water when they see what they could have got for less

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Nice price actually.

Great deal, but it should be named ‘Realmac bundle’. I agree with Joe.

What is the consensus on the Realmac courses? Are they any good?

Also, not clear from the MacHeist site how long access to the material is good for. Anyone?


When purchasing these video courses, you are getting a big download zip file with all videos.

yes but what is not obvious to a casual user is that to actually use most of the info from the videos you need to purchase loads more stacks

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I bought the videos in their sale. They are good quality. Arguably you could find similar on YouTube, but the training is structured and useful.

Does this mean that RapidWeaver 8 is nearing completion, or have they just given up?

MacHeist Deal from today:

What do you mean.
RapidWeaver 8 is already available since 14 August 2018.

I think you’re missing the sarcasm in Rob’s post :)

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@Sonderpa you might remember that I reviewed RW8 the day that it was officially released
My problem is that I feel that I’m still in the Beta programme.
Some, but not all of the problems discovered during Beta-testing have been ironed out. New problems have (been?) developed and there doesn’t seem to have been a final release for RW8 yet.

I’ve taken a look at all of the tentative finals, but to be on the safe side, I’m sticking with RW7 until somebody gives me the “O.K”

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Don’t forget there are also people (like me) not having problems at all. Of course whe all are using different functionality of RW.

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Rob, I’m painfully cautious about these things and I’ve upgraded with almost no issues at all - I had a couple of wandering resources but these were easy to sort out.

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