Magic Mouse 2

I don’t seem to be able to reply to posts on the Promotions listing any more. Not sure why that is closed / locked.

Anyway, to answer the query from @Massimo

There is an option to specify z-index in the main Magic Mouse stack:


Full support documentation is also available on my Knowledge Base


Sorry, I didn’t see that. Here in Italy there is a way of saying ‘having ham in front of your eyes’. 🤣

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Hey Stuart,

If you can add a Camera icon (not video), it’ll be an instant purchase for me!

Good shout @jacksona. Will get that added for sure in the next update.

I am using Feather icons so can easily add any from that set that are missing from my subset. A list of all the ones i currently include is here.

There is actually a way to use your own SVGs instead of the built-in set but i need to document that as it isn’t as simple as just linking to an SVG image or adding the SVG code.


I noticed that selecting Text and entering an SVG code works.

Screenshot 2023-11-07 alle 14.05.57


In that case, can I also request ‘Aperture’, please? 😉

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OK @jacksona - get your wallet out ;)

v1.0.1 brings a few extra icons.


😂 …Done! Thanks, Stuart!

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I am using Magic Mouse. While opening a lightbox (mostly for photos), the cursor seems to be below the lightbox. When i remove the Magic Mouse Stack, the cursor is above the lightbox and visible.

hi @Sree -

Have you tried adjusting the z-index value to a higher number than your lightbox (see first item in this thread)?

Also am assuming you are opting to hide the default cursor. Keeping that enabled might be another option.

Let me know if you still have any trouble.

I am using Magic Mouse (not Magic Mouse 2). It doesn’t have an open to add z-index.
Yes, I have hidden the default cursor. If I enable it, it doesn’t look good.

My apologies. I will message you a line of css to fix this (so as not to confuse this thread) and will look to add a setting into the stack to make this easier in future.