Mailchimp and Tags

Hello, for Wordpress there is a service called ‘Mailchimp for Wordpress’ - There you are able to put tags - so that the same form is send with a different Tag eg language.
Can Post Office Joe W. do this or is there a other stack on the market that can…

Some more information:

Subscriber tags are a relatively new Mailchimp feature to help organize your contacts.

Our Mailchimp for WordPress plugin allows you to easily add tags to all new subscribers that subscribe through our sign-up forms.

To use this feature, go to the page where you edit your form(s), open the Settings and locate the setting from the image below.

The field accepts a comma-separated list of tags. Everyone who uses that form to sign-up to your Mailchimp list(s) will have the given tags applied to them. If the tag do not yet exist in your Mailchimp account, it will be created automatically.