Mailshot for Mac

I’m probably overlooking the obvious but how do you publish/distribute the Mailshot?

Easy. You just copy the HTML that Mailshot creates for you, and then paste it into a mail shot service such as Mailchimp, into their Create - Use your own code section. What you create in MailShot then appears exactly the way you created it in your mail shot recipients delivered email.

I have used MailShot many times and it works very well and is super simple to use. Pretty amazing that it is free too.

Gary, thank you for informing me how to distribute it.

I forgot to ask another question regarding Mailshot. Do you know if there is a way of specifying a typeface/font other than the default which appears to be Helvetica?

I don’t think there is. However, do you want to select a font that may not appear in the recipients email system? The default font is pretty safe.

I’ll go with the default font. Thanks for the advice.

If you do use Sitelok, you can add Mailshot-generated code to Sitelok’s email system, where you can create templates and style them as you wish. I use this combination and it works great for me for communication with site members.

Thank you fapKogi, I will look into this.