MailTo [Review]

Allowing a visitor to easily contact you via email is simple enough using an HTML link: The link can, of course be enhanced by pre-entering a subject and dummy content, e.g.: via my page&body=Just testing">Contact Me!

This works just fine. A new mail is created with the user’s mail application and is pre-populated with your subject and dummy content; except that many users are confused by what they see and don’t know quite how to continue.
Enter Mailto from Doobox!

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A great review of this clever stack.


Thanks ~
I hope that wasn’t meant ironically?
Those pre-populated mails really can be confusing!

No absolutely not. I think that this stack represents the perfect RW stack for every RW user. It doesn’t cost much in money terms but it will save you far more time to use it rather than hand code it (if you had that skill).

One of the recurring issues with web design is mail forms failing at unpredictable times due to whatever breaks the form. Using a mail to link removes dependencies on the server and form software. This stack creates that form filling comfort zone that end users seem to like.

The only real issue is dealing with end users who don’t have an email client, but an obfuscated display of your contact email address can fix that issue.

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Sh•T!! I completely forgot that 78.9% of internet users use Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or AOL!!!