Mega Menu for Source?

Is it possible to build a mega menu with the Source micro framework?

Hi - not natively with Source stacks but you could use a dedicated third party stack or try and build out your own using something like PopDrop.

Here are a few examples of simple mega menus created in Source.

They use BWD’s Popdrop or Limelight stacks. By using either of these stacks, you can pretty much create any mega menu layout you want.


I’ve built my own (in emulation of Weavium’s ‘Icon Menu’) with PopDrop in Source. PopDrop is really a superb stack — I don’t hear the BWD stuff being talked about so much these days, but it’s as incredible as ever. PopDrop, Limelight, Scribe and Chroma especially. I don’t think we more than scratched the surface of what it can do.

The link is:

What I liked about using PopDrop is being able to use Source Grid to build out the menu. For a true MegaMenu that means being able to have a complex layout with other stacks in it. Using Source Grid also makes it easy to collapse the menu into a different layout for mobile, as I’ve done here.


Thanks everyone! Yes, it sounds like PopDrop can do what I’d like. I agree, BWD’s stacks continue to be my most-used ones…so versatile, and so slick! :)

@habitualshaker , is it possible to create unclickable headings in a Source nav menu?

Like how the nav menu on this website has subpages grouped together with headings: