Menu/nav that only displays sub menu items?

I want to populate a page with only clickable links to pages in it’s own sub-section.

By that I mean if the page structure is…

page > Page 1
page > Page 2
page > Page 3

The links on the page in the above example called “page” should be for page 1, page 2, page 3.

No styling needed, it’s only me using it.

I thought it’d be easy with some css and php, but it’s not. Not for me.

I can’t remember if you have Foundation 6, but that’s easy to do with an F6 Dropdown menu and then link to F6 anchors further down the page.

Thanks, but I found the snippet I usually use for this stuff.

it’s called Directory Lister:

To get it to work within RW you have to rename the page it’s on in the RW settings to something other than index.php.

I used to use this one:
now substituted by:

Thanks, but from what I can see that just applies css to an existing nav item. Handy, but not what I was looking for. Directory Lister was the thing i was looking for, I just couldn’t recall it’s name.