Most Popular Themes?

Working on Formsnap 4 and want to make sure everything looks good in different themes.

I am already making sure Foundation and Foundry work well, but what are some other themes that are popular with users?

I don’t like wasting time on low quality themes that write overreaching CSS rules ( i.e. global styles on the tag and not classes or id ). 🤷‍♂️


Hey Mike, that’s really great news! :-) Although you already mentioned Foundation, I don’t know if you mean Foundation 1 or Foundation 6 (probably more the latter). So for me it would be important that it’s nicely playing with Foundation 6, since the last 30 sites I built and for sure all future sites are built with this framework.

It would for sure be great to test FormSnap 4 with the ‘Source’ or ‘Uikit’ frameworks.

Don’t know anyone who uses ‘normal’ themes anymore, but if I would have to choose one then it would be one from Multithemes. I think Michelangelos themes are quite popular, so it would make sense to test FS4 also on some of these themes…

One question: will you also work on an update to FormLoom or will the special functionalities of this fantastic plugin (above all: ‘conditionals’) make their way into FormSnap 4…?

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@wolf It will support Foundation 6 as best as possible. That framework does assign styles to basic tags ( and not classes ) , but given it’s popularity I am doing what I can to make it easier for end users.

And yes, “Rules” feature is planned for Formsnap 4 😉

There are plans for a Formloom 5, but not until after I bring many of my stacks back to life first.

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Thanks Mike, that would really be great!

Finally… ;-) Can’t wait to use it… Maybe even a “Signature Input” child stack will be available…? ;-)

That’s also great news. Looking forward to updated versions of your stacks!

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Signature has been around for years 😉 This will be updated for v.4 as well

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Oops, you’re right of course. I completely “blanked” that out… ;-)

Hello Mike. That sounds good that you are are working on a newer version of Formsnap. Formloom would be nice also. What about Source, it would be good if it works in Source. I have Formloom and Formsnap on several sites, and it always works, when setup correctly.

Hi Mike,
a great feature for FormSnap and Formloom would be for me to change the location for csv files used for the field “select menu”. I use it a lot for courses and when these expire I delete the non actual dates within the csv file. Now it has to reside within the resources folder of RW. To freely chose where the csv file is stored would help a lot.
(Even better would be to get the csv from a google sheet… I know now I am pushing it …)

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@Capetom So, like add ability to set a URL as the csv location? If so, then that may be possible.


@Kent My initial tests show that Source plays very well with new Formsnap styling. 🙌

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Yes, exactly, a URL would be great!

Hey @yabdab,

According to our RWC stats, here’s the 10 most popular themes from the past 90 days:

  1. Foundry
  2. Foundation
  3. Offroad
  4. Future
  5. Aspen
  6. Source
  7. Alpha
  8. Mountains
  9. Lumilite
  10. Climate

Hope that helps.


Hi @yabdab

Don’t forget about

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Our last projects were with the Foundation 6 templates from @Massimo, RWpro. Awesome templates like Agency and Clean, and not to forget his customer service. So to add Formsnap in these would be just great. Happy holiday! -

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I use UIKit for several sites with formsnap


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