Mouse 2 Promotion

Hi all -

I am back with another new stack…Magic Mouse 2!


Magic Mouse 2 allows you to add some stunning cursor effects to your Stacks / RapidWeaver projects. You see this kind of thing on lots of high-end, modern websites these days. Magic Mouse 2 lets you:

  • Set a default styled cursor (with the option to hide the native mouse cursor)
  • Style how the cursor reacts over links and buttons (or any other element)
  • Show an icon in the cursor when over specified elements
  • Show text in the cursor when over specified elements

In addition to these different modes, you can style the cursor in countless ways and have these styles applied wherever you set up your rules.

Words don’t really do justice to what Magic Mouse 2 can do. Have a look at the product page to see all of this in action. There are also some particular use case examples too that you might find useful to see:

Launch deals: For a limited time you can either get 20% off Magic Mouse 2 or you can get the (still great though more limited) Magic Mouse 1 stack bundled with it for FREE.



Have you ever wished that you could inject images or videos into the mouse cursor?

No - me neither. But now that I know it is a thing I can definitely envisage some very interesting (if niche) uses for it. Anyway…

v2.1 of Magic Mouse delivers this option for use in your RW/Stacks projects (preview). Another key feature of this update is that there is support for content that is dynamically added to the page by some stacks (e.g. blog post listings or lightboxes etc).

Full release notes