Movingbox 2 loop problem

Hi all,
I use the MovingBox 2 stack from the awesome @joeworkman.
I used it inside @Massimo 's Clean template and it gives a strange problem when it loops to the first slide, it kind of gives a jump effect when it start with slide 1 again.

I tried a lot of options but cannot find the error here.
Take a look … the problem appears on almost the bottom of the website at “DIT ZIJN ONZE KLANTEN”

link: Connecting Media

Thanks in advance!

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I got one heart, happy with that :) But it does not solve the problem that i have, maybe @joeworkman can take a fast look at it?

Probably best asking on Joe’s Weaver Space forum, I don’t think he monitors this forum, so you could be waiting a while.

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Sorry for the delay. I’ve been really focused on development lately and have only been monitoring the WS community. I did reply to you post over there.


Thx @joeworkman !