Navigation updates


I have navigation 1.3.5. When I try to update to 1.3.7 message indicates that I am installing an older version


Hello, yes, but it is the message that is incorrect, install it in any way and you will see that it has been effectively updated to 1.3.7. Give it a try and let us know.


Yes, latest version now installed.


I think there’s a bug in the “update” process when you manually install a stack you already have installed you get that older version message even if the version is the same or newer.


Thanks guys for this :)

There’s some discussion about this update process on another popular RW forum.

I’ve checked the Stack and update mechanism and everything should be in order but glad you found a fix @Manofdogs and looking to see if there’s anything I can change to make it work.

Thanks @Teefers and @TINO for the great input here also :)


I think the error with the older version happens on any stack I try to manually install (drag and drop). Don’t know if that’s a Realmac or Yourhead issue.


I mentioned this on the other forum. I downloaded the 1.3.7 update from a link Michael sent, since RW was not showing the update. I had 1.3.5 installed. The Navigation stack in the downloaded zip file had creation and modification dates of November 21, 2011.

I assume that something in the update process also looks at one of those dates and that’s what triggering the warning that you are installing an older version. I don’t know why the creation/modification dates is wrong, but I double checked what’s in the zip file and the dates are definitely incorrect.


Did Stacks even exist in 2011 😅


I use a time machine when making most of my Stacks @Manofdogs 🙃


New update just gone out today 1.3.8

Thanks to @dave for his great idea on the alignment of the dropdown text - and also the date modified should be fixed (edited via the Terminal to today’s date) so RW should accept it.

Here’s the update log:


  • Allow for alignment of text of dropdown (left, right, centre)
    This is independent from dropdown and parent alignment


  • Shows today’s date as last date to modify the Stack so this should help with updating from within RapidWeaver