Navigation updates

I have navigation 1.3.5. When I try to update to 1.3.7 message indicates that I am installing an older version

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Hello, yes, but it is the message that is incorrect, install it in any way and you will see that it has been effectively updated to 1.3.7. Give it a try and let us know.

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Yes, latest version now installed.


I think there’s a bug in the “update” process when you manually install a stack you already have installed you get that older version message even if the version is the same or newer.

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Thanks guys for this :)

There’s some discussion about this update process on another popular RW forum.

I’ve checked the Stack and update mechanism and everything should be in order but glad you found a fix @Manofdogs and looking to see if there’s anything I can change to make it work.

Thanks @Teefers and @TINO for the great input here also :)


I think the error with the older version happens on any stack I try to manually install (drag and drop). Don’t know if that’s a Realmac or Yourhead issue.

I mentioned this on the other forum. I downloaded the 1.3.7 update from a link Michael sent, since RW was not showing the update. I had 1.3.5 installed. The Navigation stack in the downloaded zip file had creation and modification dates of November 21, 2011.

I assume that something in the update process also looks at one of those dates and that’s what triggering the warning that you are installing an older version. I don’t know why the creation/modification dates is wrong, but I double checked what’s in the zip file and the dates are definitely incorrect.


Did Stacks even exist in 2011 😅

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I use a time machine when making most of my Stacks @Manofdogs 🙃


New update just gone out today 1.3.8

Thanks to @dave for his great idea on the alignment of the dropdown text - and also the date modified should be fixed (edited via the Terminal to today’s date) so RW should accept it.

Here’s the update log:


  • Allow for alignment of text of dropdown (left, right, centre)
    This is independent from dropdown and parent alignment


  • Shows today’s date as last date to modify the Stack so this should help with updating from within RapidWeaver