Need code to change colours of some elements

Hello all,
I need some help in changing the colours of some elements within the Backsnap stack from yabdab.
The star rating is shown only in grey - not very nice.
When inspecting it shows the code - radio buttons star 1 to star5

  • see screenshots -
    Could someone help out with some css/html to change the colours of the stars into yellow?

Thanks a lot in advance,

What is the URL?

Thanks Steve!

.commenter {
color: #000000;


Seems to target the name and the stars. Maybe use the following if that doesn’t work…

.commenter {
color: #000000 !important;


This targets the stars only in Inspect…

[class^="icon-"], [class*=" icon-"] {
color: #ffffff;


But I’ve a feling that might not work in RW. Give it a try.

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That is just a wild card syntax that targets things with class names starting with and containing icon- any valid CSS will work in RW.

The BackSnap content is displayed in an iFrame and so you cannot add CSS to your host page in RW that will affect the iFrame content - it is isolated from the host page.

All the styles affecting the BackSnap content are inline inside a <style> tag in the head of the inserted content - the code in black below


Ah! Didn’t realise that.

Thank you @tav and @steveb
As I am publishing locally and ftp- ing the files manually to my host I can and would change the html controlling the yabdab iframe content.

So where would I have to change the colour for the stars?
My guess would be commenter but I am not sure…

In the files/backsnap folder of your published site you will see the content.php that is imported into the iframe. Edit this with a text editor and just before the closing <\style> tag (as per the screenshot above) just add


or your chosen hex colour of course.

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Thank you so much @tav you’re a star.
Just followed your instructions - it works!!

BTW - also @steveb - it is sunday - do you guys work 24/7 ?

What’s “work?”

Ah, I see - must be equivalent to my freelance definition of
leisure time / holidays - the time when I can do what I want and not what has to be done…


I even pushed it further and tried my luck with

now the selectable stars are also yellow.

Thanks guys!

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