New Client Site

It’s been up a while so I’l post it now. The general design is mine but the client changed quite a bit, instead of a few pages with quite a bit of info combined they preferred a lot of pages with a little info on each.


Password sunnyjim

No reposts please.


Love it. Great use of their amazing photos and the also the brilliant opening video. A classic BWD site.

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Thanks Gary. They commissioned it (along with our core non website related services) 8 months ago. I told them I needed great images or it’ll be boring. Luckily they’re celebrities (film maker and singer) and have a bunch of skilled photographers and videographers as close friends. It took a while to get everything, they didn’t give me them until end of January and then starting pushing me for a finished site 3 weeks later. Luckily it’s a pretty straight forward design and I lifted the menu from my main site.

All praise, as usual, to BWD. A few pennies on their way to @tav and @willwood for their contribution (Will’s Embed Stack came in handy, see the Rockeoke page, it was embed a pdf or type everything out by hand - f**k that!)

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Thank you for the donation again.

Chroma needs to be fixed and not sticky though if it is at the top.
If you pull down on the page it will briefly go to a negative scroll in Safari and cause the body padding to happen which you don’t want.

Thanks for replying @tav

This is my problem I had. Sticky in preview

And fixed set to float

I know why, because I’ve got the Limelight Menu in Blueprint and I’m guessing the white bit is BP.

Tried all kinds of ways to work this out but couldn’t find a way. The positioning controls in LL Menu isn’t enough for it to be well positioned in Mobile and Desktop, which is why i used BP.

I don’t get why you need positioning controls in the LL menu launcher - can you not just use the padding controls in Chroma (in fixed mode) to move the burger away from the edge?

It’s actually a legacy thing, from another site. The positioning in Chroma is limited, specifically mobile versus desktop. On my other site i needed the mobile to be in a completely different place than desktop. The mobile burger was overlaying the headers. It isn’t an issue here but as I mentioned above I was on a limited time frame with this proiect so just copied the previous menu. The positioning controls in Chroma as I see them


I meant the custom padding controls

Yes mate, tried them. Again - mobile versus desktop. If I set those settings so desktop was perfect the mobile was overlaying the header and the other way around, on desktop, the burger was in the corner.

Wow. So great!

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OK - that makes sense - lets try and get to the bottom of this then. Having the menu in a blueprint shouldn’t really affect the burger if chroma is set to fixed and the LL Menu is set to static. The only way I can see it being problematic is if both the LL Menu and Chroma were set to fixed.

I can easily add some responsive padding controls to the LL Menu stack if you want

@tav So the white bit is nothing to do with BP. I’ve tried all types of setting in Chroma and i can’t get it to be fixed without the white line.

The white bit is because it is set to sticky and that is the body padding div that I add so that the page does not jump as the menu sticks and removes itself from the flow of the page.

This is why you should be using fixed to stop that div being added. It is just a side effect that on page load that is pushing the menu down but you can’t see it above the menu.

Chroma does have the ability to remove its padding below the custom mobile breakpoint and I always considered this sufficient along with the padding on the menu stack - i.e. desktop gets chroma padded and menu stack padded, mobile gets just menu stack padded/

If you tell me exactly what you need, padding wise, then I can sort it out. I also am no longer sure why BluePrint did not work for a complex padding requirement of the burger? I’ve just tested and it seemed fine to me.

Let me know.

Right. So i set up a brand new project and built the page one stack at a time. Chroma set to fixed now works as described (and as it should). I’m guessing somewhere down the line I messed with some of the controls and balls it up. So the easy fix is just replace all Chroma on every page.

Re - Blueprint. It did work, no complaints here, my favourite stack, I just originally though the top padding was causing the white bit.

Thanks for the update