New Foundry Project: Kitchen

Kitchen is a beautiful new project built with Foundry.

Called Kitchen, it’s not just suitable for a kitchen based website! Change the images and it is perfect for any type of business.

Kitchen is all about beautiful layouts, clever navigation and subtle gradients. All this has been achieved by the use of the wonderful free Blueprint suite of stacks from Big White Duck. Other than these free to use third party stacks it uses only the Foundry native stacks and Potion pack addons.

See the demo for Kitchen here:

Buy it at the special launch price of only €15 here:!/foundry/kitchen-13.html

And… We now accept Paypal payments :-)


Love it! <3

Thanks. It’s got a lot of praise so far, which is brill.

If I may suggest it, on mobile put the icons ABOVE the headers instead of below. And, actually, I might go without the headers at all and only use the icons.

You may! But I’m not sure what aspect of the project you’re talking about, so can’t comment I’m afraid. But regardless, it’s most likely very easy for any users to effect small changes like this if they want to. Happy to discuss further though if you could just tell me what part of the project you’re referring to?

Hi, folks, there has been a great response to Kitchen, lots of downloads, thank you!

This is just a heads up to say the launch price will be expiring in the next few days, so if you want to score it on the cheap, get in now.


I completely forgot to put the project back to it’s regular price!

So final heads up, at midnight tonight the launch offer will end.