New "Frag" Stack


There is a silly high z-index on the hamburger of 99999999
Maybe it’s controllable in that stacks settings?

If not…

Add this css snippet to your page to boost Frags z-index to trump it :

	z-index:10000000000 !important;

Note this will only work for this instance of the Frag stack, as it incorporates the stacks id, which is dynamically generated and different for every instance of a stack you deploy to a page.

I may bump Frag to 2147483647, the highest z-index can possibly go.


Thank you very much!


I’m going to bring LAXIS to RW8+ and I’ve tested FRAG on RW7/8, it works well and is very simple.
Elegant solution if you have a lot of pics!
@doobox nice stack!