New Measure Stack

Measure is a set of design tools that will assist you refining your responsive layouts so that they look good across all devices. The ruler will assist you in seeing the widths and heights of components on the page quickly across all breakpoints. Device Viewer will let you preview your site quickly across many different mobile devices out there.

Cumbre Launch Special

By now, I am sure you have seen the Cumbre Launch to support Stacks Pro. I did not come up with this idea before Chris launched. I want to give a $5 discount to everyone that purchased Cumbre. However, it was a bit late and chaotic to integrate into his existing launch special. So we are going by the honor system here… Use the discount code CUMBRE at checkout to get $5 off Measure. Please make sure that you have purchased Cumbre and support Stacks Pro. Chris is a good man for putting this all together.

Discount Code for Cumbre Users: CUMBRE