New Twitter logo

This will be interesting to see how may web sites adopt the new X logo and when. The old bird logo was probably the most adopted logo in the web site world.

Interestingly, doesn’t exist yet as a web site.

I think that Musk is burying Twitter in the ground, fast. The worst spent 42 billion dollars, ever. Good for him…

That depends… to me, it feels like he was planning this all along.

It might seem silly to us bystanders and non-multi-billionaires to bury such a well known brand name, issuing limits and introduce paid features that chase away large portions of your users, but maybe that’s his plan.

Maybe he just wanted to kill Twitter and build something new on the ashes.

How to kill a brand?

Mux: Hold my beer 🍺


It looks like a Fivver logo.

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No it has anti aliasing and everything… it’s probably an UpWork job, not Fiverr.



It’s shite, whatever technical attributes it has! But then, that seems fitting really.

how to make all icon libraries obsolete


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I concur with the sentiment. Regardless of personal opinions about him, Elon Musk’s achievements are undeniable, with successes in:

  • Zip2 Corporation
  • and PayPal
  • SpaceX
  • Tesla
  • SolarCity
  • The Boring Company
  • OpenAI

Debating Twitter’s vitality is subjective. While its growth might not match some platforms, potential competitors like Mastodon, BlueSky, and Threads haven’t made significant inroads. Twitter remains the preferred platform for many influential figures and is pivotal for real-time news and updates. Elon is introducing innovations such as Twitter Spaces, Super Follows, and enhanced video features. With a seasoned advertising expert on board, payment processing, and rumors of Tucker Carlson’s involvement with “X”, the future holds intriguing potential.


Was he also involved there?

He is apparently chasing GoJek and PayTM. Basically any business old enough to have a Font Awesome icon is of no interest to him.

He was a co-founder and major early supporter (to the tune of one billion dollars). However, his direct involvement was limited to avoid any conflict of interest with his role at Tesla, which was also venturing into AI.

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Mastodon isn’t a competitor. It’s like saying a cycle path is a competitor to a motorway.

Both are made for entirely different purposes.

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I could certainly be wrong, but I believe Elon acquired Twitter not due to the Babylon Bee censorship, but to propel X. Acquiring a platform with a substantial user base like Twitter was the most viable option to create the everything app. We’ll have to wait and see if this holds true in a year or two. In the meantime, a nice byproduct has been the significant reduction in censorship on the platform.

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Definitely a controversial topic, but I am with you, interesting to see where is going to.

Regarding how this will affect web page layouts, I think the logo change can be ignored. ExistingTwitter users will understand that the bird logo can be clicked on to visit Twitter or X or what ever it becomes known as, and new to social media users, should they want to use Twitter will soon understand what the bird logo is.

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