New Video! csvCRUD Stack and Total CMS Datastore


Hej So this needs Total CMS?

This example – using the csvCrud stack in combination with the TCMS datastore stack – does indeed require Total CMS. The other example Chris posted shows that stack in combination with Joes ‘Feeds’ stack:

But the the csvCrud stack makes also sense in combination with other stacks which display a CSV file on a page.


Yes, exactly what @wolf stated. I made a second video because the first one was running a little too long. csvCRUD doesn’t require Total CMS, but it’s a great combination.

OK thank you, and yes it makes great sense, got it already :-) Thank you very much, this is an awesome stack. I have a menu I am constantly updating for one of my customers, and I am really tired of that, now with Joe’s Feed stack and this awesome CRUD, he can spend time doing it himself. :-)

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