Newbie with Source help

Hi all,

I have just downloaded Source and playing around with it.

I did talk to the owner of the site, but I am still puzzled on some real basic things!..i know they can be done, but for some reason I just can not find how to do it like I did on Foundation.

I want to have an image on the top of the page as a header, and be able to drop text in the middle of it and below it. I have 2 sites which I need to re-create in Rapidweaver and I think Source will work great from what I have seen.

Also are there any step by step videos on basic things? or do I need to buy the tutorials? I am just after a 5 min video of the best way to start a page with Source…I can work the rest from there.

Thanks all!

Check out Source Academy.


Hi @AdieJ - have you looked at the Welcome to Source demo project that comes with the download? It shows how you can create a banner. It uses a gradient background but if you have Container Plus (in the Addon pack) then you can use it to be able to choose an image background instead.

Basically the steps are:

  1. Drag a Container (or Container Plus) onto the page
  2. In the Container settings set a min-height (of e.g. 100vh if you want it to be the full browser height. You can set different heights for the different breakpoints if you want).
  3. Set the container to be a flex container - this will let you vertically align any added content within the available space
  4. Drag in whatever content stacks you want - e.g. a Header stack, button stack etc.

Also - not sure when you downloaded Source but a day or so after you should get an email with a link to download another free project (Block Circle) which is another good example of how to use the stacks.

Hope that gets you started.

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Thanks @Anugyan, I did see these - was hoping to work out a few basics before I dig into paying for videos, but I have just bookmarked this page for if I dive deeper into it, was hoping some basics of the stacks provided would be on youtube or vimeo.

Hi ya,

Thanks for the reply.

I still have RW7 and not 8, is there a project file for RW7 you have?

So i guess I need to buy the pack if i want to create images and stacks in the banner image - thats fine, as long as I know! I have been playing for a while trying to do it - i was just playing with the basics to see how the work flow is with it before the purchase.

I take it the list of 1-4 you have described above (thank you) is for full screen image - which for some reason is not happening and when I drag in a header stack, this sits below the image still - i take it this is not to sit over the image, but below - is this a RW7 issue?

Hi -

You are adding an image stack. What you need to do is to set the background of the container to be an image (again this is only available with Container Plus). The ‘Container background’ selection is in the section above where you set the 100vh heights (note: you only actually need to add the height to the first box if they are all to be the same).

If you change the Container background in your project there to be a colour then you will see it will work as you intend.

Does that make sense?


p.s. I don’t have RW7 any more but here is an older Welcome to Source project file that is in RW7 format.

p.p.s. Do you happen to subscribe to Setapp? If you do then the latest version of RW is available through that.

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Hi Stuart,

THANKS! yeah it does make sense for the background - just couldn’t find it anywhere on the Container stack - 100% get this now - I can stop searching !!

Thanks for sending - and thanks for the response, this is the kind of service I thrive on. No matter how good a product is - if there is no service or feed back, then it’s a poor product. Your reply’s back are much appreciated - ill dive into the RW7 one now.

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