Newsfeed in LinkedIn

is there any chance to get a newsfeed from a clients site into his LinkedIn account?
He want’s to get this done automatically. Maybe like a “read more”…
Looking forward to your answers.


Not sure if you are a user of @Jannis ’ stacks? He is masterful at such feeds, although I guess it may be necessary for it to be custom creation.

Hi Nick,
thanks for the hint, I’ll gonna contact him.

Does LinkedIn has such an integration?

I don’t know. To be honest. It’s the wish of the client.
But I can clearify it and would come back to you, if this is OK…
It was just a question to check if it’s generally possible. And to answer the clients wish.

I would look into something like this. WordPress is just an example. It’s important from exactly where this should be automated.

Thank’s. I will try, I think example 2 or 3.

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