Nice Site Yeah!

Interesting subject too.

How to do that 3D panning on scroll?


No idea if it’s nice, it keeps crashing Chrome.

…it’s nice and interesting. Try it with Safari, that works well.

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Works in Chrome here…

Thoughts on how that background 3D panning works?

Looks to me like motion graphics on a still image. Maybe After Effects. Maybe Motion. Something of that nature.

It is javascript animation of a canvas element - there are no movies involved in that part. The only mp4’s used are for the cloud trails of the particles (here


Thanks @tav. I kinda figured the particle trails had to be a movie. Wasn’t sure how the 3D panning was triggered on scroll. Guess there’s no stack which does that!

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Looks nice. But the site did crash in Safari the first time i opened it. Seconds time it did work oké but scrolling on my (top spec) MacBook Pro (2016) was very buggy.