Not able to add links to my footer

Stuart’s on holiday at present, so I thought I’d ask here and let the chap chill out.

I look after a charity website at

I’ve been trying to link to some policies on my google drive, but all that happens when I put in the links is that the text vanishes.

I’ve tried using a Markdown stack (following instructions) and also with the Source Paragraph stack and BWD paragraph pro. It’s the same with all of them and I can’t perform this normally, very simple task.

Any ideas?

I see in the footer that you have the text Website Design by which is not a valid link.

If you are using Markdown, to process this as a link you would need to use Website Design by [AskBarrie or whatever]( which would appear as:

Website Design by AskBarrie or whatever

Without more info I assume this is your issue.

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Turns out the colour I’d assigned for links was the same as the background -doh!

Thanks Garry.