Nucleo 2 upgrade to 3: New icons?

I’ve got the email about upgrading from Nucleo 2 to 3, I’ve bought the full package.

I’m not entirely sure if v3 just means the icon manager is updated, or if v3 gets new icons that I won’t have with v2.

Anyone know?

I’ve contacted them, but not heard back.

I’ve updated to v3 and its just the app - icons seem the same. Who knows whether there are some additions in there but it looks the same to me.

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Nucleo 3 has been rock solid stable for me, and the upgrade is free. I don’t think 3 has any more icons. If you’re still getting their roughly bi-weekly additions, you should be all set. Since the license is lifetime, there’s no business reason for the dev team to limit any icons to v3.

Bi-weekly? I don’t think I’ve ever had any new icons!

Seems like I may be missing out somehow!

They do icon release notes. Check your library for some of these.

Nope. I’ve got none of those!

I’m looking in the app, but can’t see anyway to get hte new icons. If I click the account tab I eventually get to the website and I’m logged in, with a full account.

Summit somewhere seems to have gone wrong!

It could be a bug. I have v3 now. I did have that issue in v2 once. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Logging out and back in didn’t work.

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I’ve just completely remove Nucleo2 and freshly installed v3, even deactivated the machine I’m working on in the Nucleo website. Still not getting any of those new icons. I’ve emailed support.

@tav have you got those icons? I search for “doorphone” which was new in March, I no have. You?

I’m actually missing a bunch of updates as well…again.

I sent in a support request.

Me too, I got this reply…

don’t worry if you do not see some of the latest icons in the app! Once the icons are created, they are not immediately pushed to the app (you would need to download new icons every day). The last update we released included the crypto icons. If you search for crypto and get results, then you have all the icons we released!

Which to be honest, to me, smells of the usual bullshit replies companies send out when they want to avoid saying anything.

In a search for “crypto” I get 180 results, so I’ve sent them back this reply…

“Thanks. If I search for “crypto” I get a lot of icons. About 180. I’m guessing they are not all the new ones! So can you give me the actual name of a recently pushed icon that I should have?”

We’ll see what reply I get, let me know what they tell you.

The reply I received was sort of similar. I’m okay with it. I was more concerned about an app bug that would prevent me from getting any future icons.

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Update: After some reasonably heated emails from me to them, mostly because they were just giving me bullshit replies to questions whilst insisting I had all the icons (I clearly didn’t), I’ve just relaunched Nucleo for the first time since the exchanges, and guess what… It’s just updated with all the icons!

I don’t for one moment believe this is coincidental. It’s just a shame they had to go thru the usual BS responses before sorting that was obviously an issue on their end.