Offline Page for use on iPad?

I’ve created a single page on an internal website to do a some calculations, using F6 forms and Pi with some custom JS functions.

So far so good (aside from a couple of quirks that’ll probably ask about later).

I’ve been asked if this could be made portable and work on an iPad, so it could be used remotely offsite.

Could I remake the page to a single file, without dependancies, so it can be stored and work on an iPad?

I don’t think a PWA stack would be an answer here, as the main site is a non-https intranet page.

Only if you modify the code manually.

As an idea, maybe sitesucker is an option to store the website offline: SiteSucker for iOS


Didn’t know there was an iOS version. Cheers, will have a look at that, might make life a bit easier!