OK, given that all the others are announcing new platforms

I wasn’t going to announce this one yet, but feel the need to cash on on the new framework frenzy.

Launching soon…


The last platform you will ever buy.


  1. Streamline theme: You think blank themes are fast? Think again.
  2. 102 stacks. Everything you can think of, and then some. Fastest in class… GUARANTEED!
  3. Sublime Support. Lightening fast, 24/7.
  4. First 10 buyers get a free penis enlarger (cus RW needs some bigger cocks).

More soon.

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I bought this but every website I build with it looks like this.

I’d like a refund please.


Sorry, refunds are not part of our business model.

Anyway, I think that looks brilliant.

(Any chance you can return the penis enlarger though?)

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Seems fair. It’s already been used though…

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Tav tested it first. He started a big cock, so stretched it a bit.

Did I mention we only have the one penis expander, and that you all have to share ti?

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I guess it’s modular… I would like to contribute the Dildo stack…


Just ensure it has a vibrate child stack.


That will be a plug-in


D’oh, of course!