Old Pulse CMS site redesign

Hej So I once made this site with pulse for a “Society” in Denmark. Now they want a redesign of the website. The author of most of the content has very peculiar design taste, so now the board apparently have convinced him they need a new design. But how in the world do I “rescue” all the old content? I can still log in and see the files, but do I need to copy/paste all that content? It has an enormous amount of content. Would there be an easy way to get the content down and then into Poster 2?

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The pulse blog is stored as flat files. Maybe you’re able to convert them into markdown files, which are understandable by P2?

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Hej Jannis, thank you for your suggestion. I will try and see how that is possible and let you know what I come up with, then maybe you can guide me further on my very long task.

Hej Jannis

I found the files on the server, that are just text files. But it is still useful off course, but it also means I am not getting this done without some substantial amount of work :-) But that is also OK. Looking forward to getting this inside Poster 2 instead of Pulse.

Another thing is these people are intellectuals, very scholarly people, but only in certain areas. The main man is very conservative with the tools he is using and sometimes wants things to look exactly as it looks in his text editor. I have high respect for this man though. But I am sure that it will take considerable effort to convince him to learn MD, so can I ask about the time horizon for an online editor for Repository? Maybe that can cool him down a bit.

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